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Your subscription will cover access to the All Encompassing Path (AEP) study program (including access to the Treasury of Wisdom website and most AEP streaming events), supporting study and practice programs for established students (such as for ngondro or vajrayana practice) and support the operations of the centre, including assistance offered to students in financial need to attend retreats.

Please note that while most AEP streaming events are covered by subscriptions, there may be some events requiring the charging of additional fees to cover IT costs that can not be covered by subscription revenue – if this is the case, this will be communicated to students ahead of time (and students with financial difficulties can discuss alternative arrangements with the organisers).

Subscriptions are renewed on a financial year (1 July to 30 June) basis, though people may join at other times. In this case, students would only pay for the remainder of the current subscription year rather than a whole year (or could start paying fortnightly or monthly from their commencement date).

Students wishing to participate in What Meditation Really Is or other courses offered by BT are asked to register for these separately, and pay the required fee if applicable (while most study and practice courses for AEP subscribers are included in their subscription fee, there may be exceptions from time to time, and most courses to the general public will attract a fee to cover costs).

As the AEP study program contains many profound and sacred Tibetan Buddhist teachings, students wanting to join the AEP will first need to be assessed for eligibility by a qualified Rigpa instructor. This assessment of eligibility will include consideration of criteria including:

  • having read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
  • having a strong connection with Sogyal Rinpoche- preferably having attended a Rigpa retreat
  • having a good background knowledge in Tibetan Buddhist meditation-shamatha and vipashyana (preferably by completing the Rigpa course ‘ What Meditation Really Is’ – at least modules 1-4).
  • having an established daily Buddhist meditation practice
  • making a commitment to participating in a regular AEP study group

Our Teaching Services Director ( (or your instructor if you are have participated in “ the What Meditation Really Is” program) can assist you in joining the AEP. Once you have been assessed as eligible to join the AEP, please fill in the form below. Our Subscriptions Coordinator and Finance Coordinator will be in contact with you to assist with IT and finance arrangements.

If you are unable to afford a full or concessional subscription payment please contact our Finance Coordinator to make an alternative payment arrangement.

Our registration form is shown below. Once registered, you will be emailed a welcome letter with payment and other information. Payment of your subscription fee is required ahead of enrolment in the AEP program.