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Welcome to Rigpa Online Courses Australia – Bush Telegraph

The Rigpa Bush Telegraph is a Distance Education centre that supports people interested in studying and practicing meditation and the Tibetan Buddhist teachings, but who are unable to attend a Rigpa city centre.  Our courses and study and practice modules are provided via online learning platforms and video conferencing. Our network extends throughout regional Australia, New Zealand and Asia providing instructor-led courses and support for students to continue their own study and practice.

Introductory Meditation Course

We offer the ‘What Meditation Really Is’ course, which is suitable for anyone wanting to learn about meditation as taught in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  After completing this course, those wanting to continue further into formal study and practice can subscribe to Bush Telegraph and follow Rigpa’s ongoing study and practice program.


If you’ve already completed introductory meditation or other courses with Rigpa and wish to go further, you can also subscribe and join Rigpa’s ongoing study program. This also gives you access to courses, study and practice support specific to ongoing students. To find out more go to our Subscriptions page.

Latest News

Follow this link for information about Rigpa’s latest news and announcements.

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